Why We’re Different

We understand you have many options when choosing a dog boarding and doggie day care facility for your furry loved one. Here are five things that really set us apart from your average doggie day care.

#1 We do not discriminate based on breed, age, or disability.

We have the experience and ability to group and care for all types of dogs–including bully breeds and disabled dogs–for doggie day care and dog boarding as long as they pass our temperament evaluation. We also accommodate senior and disabled dogs, and specialize in helping even shy and anxious dogs, like Ruby, socialize (read her story here).

#2 We offer natural pack environments that provide psychological structure for dogs.

We pride ourselves on providing fully interactive doggie day care all day long in groups that simulate natural packs for dogs. This optimizes their physical and psychological health and provides the natural structure dogs need.

#3 Founded by former NYPD canine unit officer with more than 35 years of commercial canine experience.

We have a unique and straightforward approach to pet care rooted in a deep understanding of dogs and their behaviors. Since our inception, the system has hosted almost 700,000 canine visitors. Want to know more about Mike’s journey and the history of doggie daycare? Check out a recent article in a local paper!

#4 We know what we’re doing.

Our staff is fully experienced in not only managing dogs, but grouping them in doggie day care so they can play. The owners and operators of each location have years of dog handling and management experience— many of them in our Hounds Town corporate location—equipping them with the knowledge to create a safe and healthy environment for dogs to play.

#5 We are competitively priced and don’t upcharge for special treatment or requests.

Unlike some other facilities, we do not take advantage of customers’ emotions and their anthropomorphic treatment of their dogs. We do not charge extra for administering medication, giving treats, or personalized attention. We do not upcharge for add-on services that appeal to customers’ wallets, such as belly rubs, administering medication, or giving treats.

Get in on the Fun!

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