Hounds Town Port Jefferson Adopts Rescue Animals Brindle and Roscoe

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“I get a lot of very funny reactions from people when I tell them a cat lives here [at Hounds Town Port Jefferson,]” says owner Marianne Carrano Deszcz But Brindle is no ordinary cat.

“I adopted Brindle about a year ago,” says Marianne. “She was an adult by that point, with a remarkably laid back attitude. I know many of you find it amusing to see her gazing at you from her perch on the counter or seeing her asleep on the couch. That’s Brindle’s jam. Just hang out and take it all in, with occasionally coming up for a pet or chin scratch.”

When Marianne was pregnant with her son, Brindle would sit on her belly and keep it warm. “And here she is today playing with my baby. She never jumps on him or scratches him. When she’s had enough she sits on the back shelf of my desk,” says Marianne. “I understand most people think of adopting kittens when the itch for a cat develops. However, as proven by this lovely lady here, adult cats may be a perfect fit for your family and well worth considering.” Hounds Town Port Jefferson also has a “house dog” named Roscoe, who happily earns his keep by acting as security guard at the lobby door!

At Hounds Town USA, working with rescue animals and local shelters is a significant part of our focus. Each of our four locations houses rescue and shelter animals like Brindle that are being fostered through Hounds Town Charities, that have been adopted by the staff at the facility, or that are waiting for forever homes through local shelters and rescues. Several locations offer a discounted dog and cat boarding rate for animals being fostered, to encourage social interactive and to provide them with a warm bed while they wait for a furever home.

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