How It All Began

Our first doggy day care and the founding of Hounds Town USA

Before founding Hounds Town USA, Mike was working with a private client to provide behavioral training and dog sitting for the client’s dogs. This dog owner worked long hours and wanted some socializing opportunities for his dogs. He also did not want to leave his dogs in a dog kennel all day. He asked Mike if he would consider spending time with his dogs, bringing them along on errands and just allowing his dogs to have some social activity during the day. Mike agreed, and before long that original dog owner shared this information with friends and colleagues and soon more and more people were asking Mike to care for, train, and socialize their dogs.

This experience organically lent itself to a doggie daycare and dog sitting facility. In 2001, Mike opened his first dog kennel location in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Realizing that working with dogs and dog owners was a unique operation, Mike set out to create a dog kennel service that exceeded all others, including a full doggie day care center that offered a fully social experience for the dogs.

Boarding in luxury dog kennels seemed to be a natural extension of the doggie day care business. Grooming evolved from customer requests. By 2004, Mike had an opportunity to purchase a building in another area of Long Island, Ronkonkoma. There were enough regular customers living in that area of Long Island that Mike was confident a second doggie day care location would be successful. Clearly, Mike was correct! Business at both locations has only grown since they first opened. In 2012, he opened Hounds Town Farmingdale and sold it to former employees and a former customer in May 2015.

At Hounds Town USA, dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcomed, entertained, and allowed to do what they do best: act like dogs. As pack animals, their most basic needs are fulfilled as they socialize, interact, tumble and play in this safe and loving environment. No dogs sit in a dog kennel all day; all dogs are encouraged to socialize.

The standard Mike and Hounds Town USA have set in the industry continues to expand and transform.

Boy How Time Flies!

The good old days at Hounds Town USA

Back when Hounds Town first opened its doors in 2001, it was located in a small factory space in Port Jefferson where Mike’s family members would help him run the business. One day, ten dogs came in for doggie day care in one day and the family realized they had a growing business on their hands!