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Overnight Cat Boarding

The purrrfect time to enjoy a vacation is when your mom or dad is headed out of town. But where do you go to find a change in scenery? For all of our feline friends, Hounds Town offers a great getaway that every cat will love at Purrrington Villas – our own cat boarding facility – far from the canine crowd. Don’t worry, kitties! We won’t let the hounds intrude your side of town!

Purrrington Villas Cat Boarding

Room with a view, anyone? At Hounds Town, our feline guests have the opportunity to relax in our specially designed cat condos. With space to stretch out and multiple levels to explore, these kitty condos are loved by cats of all kinds. Our cat boarding condos are located in their own temperature-controlled area away from the pups at play, giving them the privacy they need to relax and get a well deserved cat nap.

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Heading Home After A Restful Stay

When your kitty’s vacation is complete, she can be chauffeured home by the Hounds Town staff. Ask your local Hounds Town about our pet taxi services and we’d be more than happy to help! We offer both pick-up and drop-off services to most locations (with some restrictions on Sundays and holidays). 

Happy Pets Choose Hounds Town

Pack your toys and get ready to play the day away with your best friends! Our staff is always excited to meet new dogs and to make their day barktastic. Is your pup ready for their first day at dog day care? Find a Hounds Town near you!

Find a Location

For more information about our cat services, contact the Hounds Town near you. We love the feline crowd and are always excited to meet new guests!

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