Purrrington Villas Cat Boarding

Hounds Town USA isn’t just for the dogs! PURRRington Villas is our full-service cat boarding part of town, ruled by the kitties! Cats can relax in our specially designed cat condos, which are spacious and multi-leveled. They are centrally located in the lobby or luxury suite area of each facility, in their own temperature-controlled space.

While kitties here for cat boarding do not interact with the dogs (sorry kitties), they can certainly play with fellow felines if they prefer some interaction. Please let us know your cat’s preferences and a bit about his personality and we will be happy to accommodate him.

Overnight cat boarding includes a luxury cat condo in PURRRington Villas, feeding, litter changes, interaction with fellow felines when possible, and personalized staff attention. We also offer cat bathing and grooming, please ask us for details.

Cats must be fully vaccinated with feline distemper, rabies, and FIV. Please provide proof of vaccination upon check-in.

First family cat: $25-$28/night
Second family cat: $21-$25/night

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