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A Doggy Day Care Where Your Dog Can Play All Day

There’s something exciting about the first day of school. New friends are waiting to play, and you’re welcomed by a teacher who will make sure you get everything you need throughout the day. Why shouldn’t your pet enjoy the same excitement? Welcome to Hounds Town, home to the happiest dogs on earth! Our fully interactive dog day care gives your pooch a place to run and play with his friends while you’re out for the day.

A Day at Hounds Town

Your pup’s first day at Hounds Town will be fun and exciting, but just like every new experience, it can take some getting used to. They’ll be running with the pack in no time! Our experienced staff will help your pooch take stock of his surroundings, introducing him friends that help him channel his natural pack instinct. After spending the day in our dog day care with his friends, your pup will be ready for a good night’s rest.

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Pawesome Activities at Our Doggy Day Care

When your dog comes to town, he’ll start the day by slowly meeting new friends. Soon enough, he’ll be playing with a group of classmates his own size and temperament. Your pup and his pack will be rotated through a variety of play areas where they can enjoy a change in scenery while taking in exciting new sights and smells. If your dog needs a rest, he will be welcomed to cozy up in one of our townhomes or on a Kuranda bed in the playroom.

Health Benefits Worth Barking About

Besides being super fun, regularly attending an interactive doggy day care can support your dog’s health and wellbeing. Your pup can improve his social skills, control his weight, help reduce his separation anxiety, and boost his confidence, all just by playing with his friends!

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Happy Hounds Choose Hounds Town

Pack your toys and get ready to play the day away with your best friends! Our staff is always excited to meet new dogs and to make their day barktastic. Is your pup ready for their first day at dog day care? Find a Hounds Town near you!

Find a Location

Along with our fully interactive doggy day care, we offer pet boarding, dog grooming, and pet taxi services so that your pooch can get everything he needs to have the best pupcation. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff about the other services we offer at Hounds Town!

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