What to Expect

Just like the first day of school, your dog’s first of dog daycare or pet boarding is fun and exciting, but also requires some getting used to. Your dog will be able to acclimate to his new surroundings easier and faster if he is allowed to concentrate and take stock of his surroundings while in the care of our experienced staff and without the distraction of Mom and Dad nearby.

During his first day, your dog will be slowly introduced to new friends in a group of other dogs his size and temperament. He will be rotated through the various indoor and outdoor play areas, taking his time to get used to all the new sights and smells. Dog daycare is fully interactive, meaning dogs play ALL DAY LONG! If your dog needs a rest or a nap mid-day, he will be welcomed to take a rest in one of our kennels or on a kuranda bed in a play room.

We do not feed dogs during the day, so please have your dog on a feeding schedule that allows him to go all day without being hungry; an a.m. and p.m. feeding works for most of our campers. Of course our overnight guests get fed as per their normal routine at home.

Checking In

In order to expedite the check in and out process, we require a few things:

Please make sure your dog’s rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and distemper shots are up to date and you can provide copies of the vaccinations. *Please do not bring your dog for dog daycare or pet boarding if he has been to the vet within 7 days as your dog can pick up airborne illnesses in a vet environment.

Prior to coming to dog daycare or to drop your dog for pet boarding, we ask that you allow the dog to relieve himself before entering the facility.

Please be sure to bring your dog to pet daycare on a leash.

If your dog is sick, kindly call us to let us know what’s wrong and please don’t bring him to dog daycare until he’s back on his paws.

You are welcome to bring your dog’s bed, toys, or anything else you’d like him to have but please leave anything sentimental at home in the event it gets chewed on, lost, or peed on!

After You Get Home

Fully interactive pet daycare is designed to be challenging both physically and psychologically for the dogs. DON’T BE ALARMED if your dog comes home and sleeps for hours on end and appears lethargic. He isn’t sick; he’s worn out from all the playing!

The excitement of being home may make your pet pant and appear very thirsty. We always provide fresh water at all times, but he may be need to drink more water when he arrives home and throughout the night, especially if he isn’t used to all the activity that comes along with fully interactive dog daycare.

You may notice your dog has minor scratches on him. Again, DON’T BE ALARMED. He was just interacting and playing with his new friends the best way he can—with his paws and his mouth.

We have a variety of floor surfaces at pet daycare including concrete, rubber, beach gravel, asphalt, dirt, just to name a few. Your dog may have sore feet or abrasions for a few days if he’s accustomed to carpet or soft surfaces. They will toughen over time.

It is also not unusual for your dog to be limping or favoring one side for a few days. Like any athlete, he just has sore muscles from all the exercise.

By the end of a busy week at dog daycare or after an overnight visit at our dog hotel, your dog may smell a little “doggier” than usual. If your dog comes home tired, smelly, and dirty, it means he had a great day at Hounds Town. We offer a full service dog grooming menu designed to send your pup home smelling like roses, so please inquire about a bath upon check-in.

If you have any questions, just ask us! We always welcome parents to call during the day and check up on their pup and to visit you location’s Facebook page for photos.